danity kane means: A female performing oral sex while in the nude with a male partner. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wayne Bird)

What else does danity kane mean?

  • This is the BEST girls group in all of effin WORLD It is a group that doesn’t lip-sync like Girlicious. (in Community Dictionary, added by Agustín Mora)
  • This is the most incredible band I have ever seen with some of the greatest talents in recent years. Actually, I actually met Danity Kane, and they are the prettiest of the girls. They were from reality TV, which made them a true sex God who I’d love to oil and do. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yamilet Warner)
  • This is a band that I do not believe in. MTV loves overexposure and this is another pop band. One, the group came from Making the Band 3, a shtick “reality” television show. MTV’s goons insist that even though the first two bands were not very successful, they will succeed in their third attempt. One, I don’t know what Danity Kane means. This sounds like cat food. It’s not something I would want to call a pop band. It’s a terrible single. Their first single is a terrible example of what the show was all about. Their parents must not be proud, I am sure. These girls are like Britney Spears. Although they claim to be “clean” and “good girls”, their actions on the screen are reminiscent of Britney Spears’s. Danity Kane is a great choice if you love PCD. All the best for your future endeavors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Chapman)