Daniel means: Daniel is one of the most charming guys a girl can meet. Daniel is a crazy, hilarious, kind, caring, compassionate and loving man. You can share your feelings with him and know that he will not judge. His beautiful spirit is matched by his caring nature. To make you smile, he will always be there for you. He is your best friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mitchell Jenkins)

What else does Daniel mean?

  • He is a confident guy, who excels at almost all he does. His unique personality is complemented by a great sense of humor and a stylish style. Daniel is a great guy, who is able to defend those that he loves and is very sweet. Daniel isn’t always open to sharing his feelings, but if he does, it should be a sign that you are special to him. Daniel is tough and can handle anything. Daniel is strong inside and outside, and he views life with optimism. Danile is a beautiful person with stunning eyes. Danile is a great friend, and even better boyfriend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eric Petty)
  • The most gorgeous, sexiest man on the planet. He is a man of immense beauty. You can’t help but wish you could be him. His enormous dong is a miracle worker. He deserves to be worshiped by all people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gregorio Gutiérrez)
  • Strong, strong, outgoing, sweet and all around amazing. His strength and determination make him a strong man who doesn’t need to be dependent on others for support. Although it can be difficult to convince him to talk to you, once he has gained trust in you, he will always tell the truth about everything you ask. His girlfriend is his priority, and he’s an absolute stud. He is loyal and trustworthy and doesn’t hesitate to share his feelings with other girls. He is very protective of what is his, and will do anything to defend the one he loves. His huge penis can make you laugh and he’s a beast in bed. You should never take advantage of a Daniel if you’re lucky enough to fall in love. You should treat him with the same respect you show for yourself. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cupuliferous)
  • Daniel can be described as many things, but the best thing about Daniel is his kindness and compassion. He would risk everything to protect and help those closest to him. Daniels can also be helpful and willing to share their knowledge, even when it isn’t requested. Although Daniels can sometimes be shy, once they are open they become great friends and can be approached for whatever reason without judgment. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matilde Parra)