Damn Gina means: A way to express interest in or amazement when something is interesting, usually something that’s a musician. Popularized by Cheshyre, a Newgrounds musician. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fishwife)

What else does Damn Gina mean?

  • In situations when one may say “easy tiger” (or “damn girl”), as in “calm down”, or “take it all easy.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovani Shelton)
  • Expression of frustration when faced with a challenging situation (in Community Dictionary, added by Efrén Romero)
  • This phrase dates back to Martin Lawrence’s television series Martin 1992-1997. It refers to Martin’s girlfriend Gina. Gina is his more level-headed and long-suffering “better half”. Martin used the expression exasperatingly to reply to Gina’s criticisms and expectations. These were usually quite reasonable. This phrase is also used in positive terms to show shock or awe, much like “damn girl you look fine”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Busybody)
  • This expression was originally from “Martin” TV Series. Martin would use this expression whenever Martin was annoyed by his lady. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ashlee Gallagher)