Damaris means: Freaking crazy. A person’s best friend. One of the most lovable people in the entire world. She doesn’t care about what other people think. Danielle is her best friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Harumscarum)

What else does Damaris mean?

  • Damaris can be a devil, and she enjoys strange music. However, she’s a loving, genial woman. It’s okay to be bad, but she is also a good angel. =P. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kimora Obrien)
  • This name is derived from the Greek word “calf”. Damaris, an Athenian lady who St Paul converted into Christianity was Damaris. Gentle. Damaris people have an inner drive to incite others to a greater cause and share their strong beliefs on spiritual matters. Damaris is a name that can be described as idealistic, imaginative, spiritual, and highly intuitive. These people seek spiritual truth, and they often discover it. These people are visionaries and can inspire others. They may fail to realize their full potential and become dreamers or abuse power. (in Community Dictionary, added by Balduino Muñoz)
  • Damaris was a work of art created by God. It is gentle and sweet as an angel. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anderson Velazquez)
  • Damaris is a combination of Dama (or lady) and aris (the goddess of the trees). Damaris is intelligent, sweet, wise, strong, confident, smart, capable of making good decisions, rational, sensible, beautiful, charming, rare and magical. One must honor her presence by bowing when she is seen. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camron James)