Cweet means: Cool and sweet. It is much more simplified than the stringent origins words. Cweet can be thought of as a contraction but it is not. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zackery Contreras)

What else does Cweet mean?

  • When you are suffering from a broken ankle and need to use the combination of cool and sweet at GameStops, this is what it looks like. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jordin Martinez)
  • Combining sweet and adorable. If one can’t decide whether their girlboyfriend is sweet or cute, they combine them to make cweet. Everybody deserves to be called “cweet.” This is one of the sweetest and most adorable compliments you can receive. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mónica Vázquez)
  • 1. A combination of cool and sweet 2. The recognition of your superior awesomeness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Teagan Krause)
  • 1. It’s not cool or sweet. But it is right there. 2. It can be used in place of cool and sweet in any sentence. 3. Combines the best properties of both words to create one word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ramón Cortés)
  • It could be cute and sweet, or cool and sweet. If you don’t know which one to choose, it could be like this: (in Community Dictionary, added by Alexus Curry)
  • Cute+sweet=cweet When something is cute and sweet Or if you’re a guy who doesn’t want to lose his manhood, say cute jes or sweet jes. Wutchu wanta tell you: Aaww, that’s so sweetcute Wutchu says: Yo that’s crazy cweet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francesc Gallardo)