CWB means: Cummed with no boner (in Community Dictionary, added by Palinode)

What else does CWB mean?

  • You look cute with a beanie. When you meet someone skisnowboarding, they seem hot. They’re CWB, cute-with-beanie. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matthew Roberts)
  • Crazy white boys. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arthur Reilly)
  • Crazy White Boyz South Florida, mostly Miami Gang, though not made up of Whites but mainly Hispanics or Blacks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isla Cherry)
  • Crazy White Bitches contains some ghetto ass girl CV Illie Repin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Callie Chavez)
  • Crazy white boys ….group, association or organization originating from Nashville or “cahville”, as described by HAYSTAK. (in Community Dictionary, added by India Berry)
  • Crazy White Boys, also known as “Dubbs”, were started by Stumpdog of I4NI as well as Lexx Luger and D-Ray. CWB’s refer to white people that grew up on the streets or in urban hip hop. These people were raised feeling rejected by both whites for their “black wanna-be” status and the black community because they are white. These people are not racist as they often have friends and are married to other races. While they believe that it’s good to have organizations helping minority groups, they don’t like the idea of being treated differently just because their skin color is white. Their belief is that equality must be truly EQUAL. Their commonality is not only their race but also the shared experiences of discrimination and struggle in the same neighborhoods where they were raised. Although the term is not new, Stump made it an international movement. The “W” handsign, which is similar to the “westside”, and the white ragbandana are both symbols of the term. The public has come to know Haystak, a rap artist who is often assumed to be the founder of CWB. Dutch, a California CWB and rap musician is well-known. Dutch has promoted CWB on the West Coast under the rap name “CWB”. CWBCWGgirlsDubbs has established “sets” of gangs across the United States. However, it’s not necessary to “bang with” it in order to qualify as a Dubb/CWB. Click to visit the Stump Dogs website, which is mainly for its forums. You will not see the exact number of Dubbs on the internet. Dubbs could be in the thousands. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chandler Peck)