Cuzzle-sack means: Verb: To cuzzle-sack The act of putting your arm around someone (hopefully one of your relatives) to distract them from their reality that you’re trying to sneak into their danger zone. Adjective: cuzzle-sacker 1. A person who has a high level of promiscuity or flirtatiousness. A sleazy-looking individual Noun: cuzzie 1. A person who indulges in cuzzle-sacking to excess. Refer to the preceding Noun: cuzzfest 1. An individual or group that appears to have an affinity for cuzzle-sacking. Unusual group of people who appear too closely to be “good friends” but are not really close. An unsavory party where hooking up is the primary objective Noun: cuzzle An informal term for the natural state or privates of a woman. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sam Michael)