curpusculer means: It must refer to being violently bored, as best I know from the context. This has been repeated a couple of times in episodes of Archer. No definition is available in every dictionary under different spellings. May be spelled: kerpuscular, korpuscular, kurpuscular, kerpusculer, korpusculer, kurpusculer, cerpusculer, corpusculer, curpuscular, or cerpuscular. Corpuscular refers to an atom or proton. However, this definition is not applicable to the context in which the word was used on the popular television program “Archer”. This is evident by the 3 different episodes that this term has been used to refer to Babu, the ocelot. Notice: It is possible that they are mispronouncing crepuscular. The word crepuscular in Zoology is active just before dawn or at twilight. Although it may be a good fit, the definition is a bit too esoteric. The majority prefer the definition and spelling above. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gauge Stephenson)