curb your enthusiasm means: It’s a tv series that shows how the lives of wealthy people are not always perfect. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fizgig)

What else does curb your enthusiasm mean?

  • This is the best television show. People believe that you can’t win it if your not Jewish. This is false. Hilarious show Gotta love Larry David. (in Community Dictionary, added by Guido Santana)
  • This is possibly the best television show. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matthias Garrison)
  • This is one of the most entertaining shows ever made. Although technically it’s a sitcom the comedy doesn’t have a joke track. It makes the show 4000x more fun and doesn’t slow down the show like other laugh tracks. It has a unique visual style, which takes some time to get used to but will soon look natural. Side-splittingly funny, the humor will not fade even after repeated viewings. Fun fact: David initially wanted to label the show “Soup’s too distracting”, after being asked to choose between soup and salad at a restaurant. He then declared to the waitress that “Soup’s too distracting.” (in Community Dictionary, added by Ireland Sanford)
  • This is the greatest TV series ever. Comedy follows Larry David’s hilarious and funny life as co-creator of Seinfeld. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cullen Sullivan)
  • What originally began in 1999 as a one-time one-hour special on HBO about “Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David’s return to stand-up comedy, has turned into a critically acclaimed smash-hit that has spanned 5 seasons2000,2001,2002,2004,2005 and has earned itself quite a few awards. It’s mainly about Larry David’s daily life with his wife Cheryl, played by Cheryl Hines. Also featured are Jeff Garlin Larry as Larry’s agent and Jeff’s exaggerated wife Susie Greene (played here by Susie Essman). You’re either going to LOVE “Curb Your Enthusiasm” or loathe it if you like “Seinfeld”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Georgia Escobar)