cuntbusting means: A man who strikes a woman or girl in the clitoris to make her feel helpless or dominate. The clitoris is located just before the pubic bone. A hard kick at the exact spot can cause more pain for a girl than what a man would feel if kicked in his balls. Imagine guys being kicked in both the balls and in the shin. You should only use it as a last resort. If a girl decides to kick you in the balls or cunt, go ahead. Cuntbusting can be seen as cheap shots, and should not be used unless you are cheap shotted. Cuntbusting can be done in a variety of ways, including kicking, kneeing and punching. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raegan Casey)

What else does cuntbusting mean?

  • Cuntbusting Cuntbusting, a paraphiliac activity that is very masochistic and violent in nature, is where a woman is hit in her groin. Although it can be done on either a man or woman, most commonly the woman does it. An injury to the cunt could be very debilitating. The vulnerability it can cause, and anxiety it causes, may make a woman feel taboo or isolated. Cuntbusting must be done with care. Excessive groin trauma can lead to nerve damage and vulvodynia in the clitoris. Both of these can have a severe impact on quality of your life. It is possible for the vulva to bruise and sometimes swell. (in Community Dictionary, added by Manuel Shea)
  • You can attack a girl’s sexual organs for self-defense or fun. Although the target is not as obvious as men’s testicles or genitals, the clitoris can be just as delicate. A playful slap can cause a girl to double over and to fall on the ground. A full-force kick, on the other hand can smash the clitoris into the pelvic bone and compress it. The clitoris can be so tender that it will cause extreme pain and, in certain cases, serious injury such as vulvodynia or bruising the vulva. The girl might also experience severe bruising of her pelvic bones in extreme cases. Cuntbusting can also cause emotional trauma in severe cases. Girls are more sensitive to cuntbusting than boys. Surprisingly, many girls of a younger age are not aware of the tenderness of their genitals. Girls will feel just as severe pain as boys if they are kicked in the groin with the same force as the attacker. This is because the double hit on the pelvis and the clitoris causes them to be bruised. Because the clitoris is slightly higher than the pelvis (which is right behind it), the attacker will aim higher to kick a girl in her groin. The testicles, on the other hand hang higher so that when you kick a boy only his testicles will be hit and not his pelvis. Although it’s extremely painful, a boy won’t feel any pelvic swelling. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amara Boyer)
  • It is not painful for a woman to be kicked in her vagina when she requests it or for pleasure. This is similar to being kicked in the stomach by a man. (in Community Dictionary, added by Álvaro Herrera)