Cummage means: The result of a marathon session. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ari Campbell)

What else does Cummage mean?

  • A female that can make you feel cumpty in 30 seconds or less. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylon Meadows)
  • You have a lot of ejaculation, and your cum can cause damage to the property. (in Community Dictionary, added by Konner Singleton)
  • A term used to describe an intense orgasm, cummage. When one has reached an exceptional climax, and has surpassed any mediocre cum. Cummage can be used to refer to a more intense cum, whether it is caused by the stimulation of the g spot or the cunnilingus clitoral stimulation. It could also signify a squirting or spilling of her vaginal fluids following multiple orgasms. It is not the mere act of cummage that distinguishes it from cummage. (in Community Dictionary, added by Leticia Wong)