Culver’s means: It is the best hamburger restaurant in America. The company is located in Sauk City (Wisconsin). Their “Butterburgers”, or burgers with butter and toasted bread and frozen custards, are well-known throughout the United States. Culver’s is the only burger restaurant in America that can match it. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Kline)

What else does Culver’s mean?

  • A fast food restaurant that sells frozen custard, which tastes almost exactly like icecream, will refuse to serve it to customers who mistakenly request icecream over “frozen Custard”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jasmin Whitney)
  • It’s more than just a hamburger joint. You can have a ButterBurger and cheese curds and some frozen custard concrete and you’re in paradise. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chitchat)