cuddleslut means: Person who loves cuddling others, regardless of their relationships with them. A person who cuddles regularly with another person without worrying about their sexual relations with them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mark Vaughn)

What else does cuddleslut mean?

  • A sexy, sexy woman who doesn’t care about anything other than cuddling and wearing too much makeup. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tianna Hicks)
  • Cuddlesluts are people who love to cuddle and cuddle with two or more other people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Janelle Atkinson)
  • A man who enjoys cuddling after having sex even though it is just for sex. They can be difficult to eliminate, but a quick spritz in a water bottle should do the trick. Because they give off a certain vibe that drives even the average person to let strangers stay, it is important for them to be able communicate this. (in Community Dictionary, added by Violet Kelly)
  • Cuddlesluts are sluts who love to cuddle. You will be embraced and cherished by them. You will also find them craving cuddles 24-7. If you’re lucky enough to find a cuddleslut girl, she will be your keeper. However, they do require a lot of attention. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raegan Casey)
  • A person who is willing to cuddle up with strangers for hours on end… someone who loves cuddles but doesn’t care about sex. :. (in Community Dictionary, added by Israel Marshall)