cucky angst means: Ambivalent, but highly erotic, and emotionally charged feelings that a man experiences when he suspects or believes his wife has sex with other men. These feelings can be addictive and may include intense sexual longing, jealousy, suspicion, humiliation and humiliation. This depraved mixture of thoughts and emotions can initially shock the husband, but it can quickly become overwhelming. In advanced cases, he will be the sexual payoff and actively encourage his wife to go out to escape him for the night. He becomes the enabler of his wife. This experience ends in the man jumping off while thinking of his wife as he is held in the arms by other men. This intense pleasure reinforces the man’s desire to continue experiencing it. If the couple has a great chemistry, his wife can sense the excitement and will feel like he is letting her in on the secret. She will be tempted to play out her husband’s fantasies, whether she is openly sharing them with him or hiding behind his back. She’ll start thinking, “What is the matter?” It’s exactly what he wants. It’s a good idea to do so. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyla Hogan)