cuba-linga means: People who envy Cubans use the derogatory term to describe them. People often ignore the positive side of Cubans and prefer to focus on the negative. Because of the nature of society and social conditions, they often forget that societies can be made up of individuals from different walks of life. Think about it. Who says that Cubans created envying and backstabbing behavior? You and others like you who are able to create such definitions, are motivated by hatred, envy, and so much more miserable than the cuba-lingas. Just to be clear, not all cubans can behave like this. Maybe you’ll see some in Miami, where there are many balseros who lived in the most deprived areas of Cuba. But, it isn’t true that every balseros is of this type. You will be amazed at how friendly, warmhearted, and sincere the Cuban people are. (in Community Dictionary, added by Karli Hebert)

What else does cuba-linga mean?

  • This is a derogatory term that’s usually used to refer to Cubans, but could be applied to a non-Cuban if they behave like a Cuban. This is similar to the N-word. This is someone loud, loud, and irritating who talks a lot of shit because they’re always full of it. These people believe they have the best shit and put on a show. This combination of cuban, linga (for tongue) is what gave rise to their shit. It’s similar to what Spanish people call a come mierda. These Cubans tend to be materialistic and arrogant. They also boast about their achievements, often to the dismay of those around them. These Cubans can be selfish, backstabbing and fake. If you’re not a Cuban, but are more successful than them in any way they can see, it will make you hate. They don’t care about what you do have but they want it. You are treated as if you were a slave to their opinions and smug. You are often referred to in a negative light, especially when they believe it is to your advantage. They have no compassion or conscience and are apathetic. They will put you down, but not because of any good reason. They will not hesitate to harm you. They will only be happy if you are having troubles, or are worse off than them. A cuba-linga is a friend who likes to share all of their troubles with you. They expect you to be open to listening. You should be available 24 hours a day to help them. You will act as a free psychologist and help them solve their problems, but you won’t be there when they need you. They do not care how annoying or impractical they may be to you. They are therefore able to talk an endless amount of shit because they are always full. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reuben Whitaker)