Cronenberg means: A characteristic that is reminiscent of body horror, or an indicator of infection. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bentley Williams)

What else does Cronenberg mean?

  • He is one of the best-known horror film directors. All of his films have strange, disturbing, and dreamlike qualities. His name is synonymous with auteurism, which is a unique quality. Naked Lunch will leave you gasping. It’s a movie about homosexuals that glorifies them and hates them. You’ll make sure your girlfriend doesn’t watch you as you guiltyily view Crash. A NC-17 film featuring explicit sex. Videodrome will have you vomiting. Scanners will give you nightmares. Or you can just enjoy the film. Cronenberg is known for his horror movies. Cronenberg’s films are addictive. You want to see them all. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tess Wilcox)
  • Verb to have your head explode from your shoulders. David Cronenberg is the director of “Scanners,” Videodrome, and “The Fly.” People’s heads explode in all of these films. Apple employee Mark Harlan was the first to use it in 1988. He gave a speech to a crowd of over 3,000 people and more than 150 journalists, describing Apple’s reactions to Windows’ new version. (in Community Dictionary, added by Yurem Mendez)
  • Noun An absurd mockery of human nature. Although the appearance is disorienting beyond recognition, it still retains enough of its human characteristics to indicate a human origin. This is often caused by a terrible virus or an alien malevolent entity trying to make a human race out of its own sick image. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antoine Krueger)