Crom means: Things and stuff. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stenopaeic)

What else does Crom mean?

  • Crom is more than a name, it’s a whole team. Crom is the feeling you get after banging on that 48-year old man next door. Crom can be that extra bit of ht your Pekka gets that leads to a three star. Crom can be described as the feeling you get when your dog discovers that they have antics too. Crom is more than a term, it’s an attitude. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clara Castro)
  • Crom, the name used to describe Adelaide crows is derived from someone who mispelled go crom as go crows. A crom chain is when people type “crom”, into chat or comment sections. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylyn Fisher)
  • Cromverb Crommed. Cromming. Croming is sexual ravaging. Sometimes with restraints, passionate and sometimes forceful. Women may dream of being Crommed. This is when someone has their way sexually. Cromming is a popular activity that can occur in many places, including islands, beaches and forests as well as flowers and fields. Conan, the barbarian, would Crom many women. (in Community Dictionary, added by Travis Gonzalez)
  • It is the fictional God of The Cimmerian People. Conan the Barbarian uses it often as an Expletive. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Copeland)
  • Both the alpha and omega. Crom can be described as everything, and all of the rest. It can be used to describe anything as an adjective, noun or verb. (in Community Dictionary, added by Arnaldo Marín)
  • Crom is not a word, it’s a feeling. It’s the same feeling that you feel when your virginity is taken by the desperate 610-year-old next door. This is what happens when you lose 500 dollars at the casino. It perks you up. This is when you have lost thirteen games straight. You pray for a greater power to win the next three games. This is when your opponent puts his Tesla 1 tile too far to one side, and your Hog Rider slips in for the crucial 1 crown victory. In reality, an old boomer wrote “Go Croms” rather than “Go Crows”. Adelaide Crows pride forum was created and the immature adults began to meme it. It became a cult. Go CROM. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moisés Torres)