critter means: It is not a good idea to eat food that is expired or has been forgotten. (in Community Dictionary, added by Halle Fox)

What else does critter mean?

  • The lowest form of an individual is also called a loser. As ugly on the outside as it is the inside. It is cold and stifling, but it does not care about others. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylie Ho)
  • Miniature, often woodland, animal that loves to burrow in order not to be smushed or crushed by large items. (in Community Dictionary, added by Porfirio Rubio)
  • The critter is an rper with shitty icons. They often do strange things, like showing emotions in brackets during comments. They are a frequent participant in rpvents, and their names come from the way they refer to their characters as “critters”. Although there are many debates about whether they are better writers or not, they just enjoy writing and are happy to share their knowledge with others. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicolás Ferrer)
  • This is the most horrible and disgusting human form. This is also a huge loser. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hildegarda Carmona)
  • The word “creature” is a corruption of its literal meaning, which means anything that has been created. 1. The correct spelling and slang of “animal” both mean the same thing. 2. derogatory A person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susana Díaz)
  • 1. Any animal; 2. A cute and small furry pet animal; 3. Domestic pets; 4. Nickname for a child; 5. Nickname for a woman. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sage Benson)
  • Living creature. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • An domestic animal such as a horse, cow or mule. (in AZ Dictionary)