crescent city means: A tiny town located in Putnam County, FL. There isn’t a Walmart or McDonald’s nor News. The town is home to 1500 residents. It lies within a radius of 3 miles. DrUG DRUGS, DRUGS AND MORE. People run away from Crescent City and never return. About 2 hours from Orlando FL. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jane Rivera)

What else does crescent city mean?

  • This is one of many nicknames for New Orleans in Louisiana. The name is derived from how the Mississippi River forms the New Orleans area. It causes New Orleans’ major urban and suburban areas to create a crescent-shaped shape. The name “The Crescent City Connection” is used to describe the bridge that crosses the Mississippi River between New Orleans and the West Bank. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Skyla Barber)
  • It is the most northerly harbor along California’s coast. The seat of Del Norte County is also one of the lowest-lying, and smallest, county seats in California. The questionable distinctions it holds include being in Pelican Bay and suffering the most from the tsunami than any other place within the 48 contiguous United States. (in Community Dictionary, added by Joel Pastor)