creet means: This word was first used in Brooklyn, NY during the summer 2018. The term Creet describes a hot, scorching summer that leaves you wanting to open up a fire hydrant to soak in its water. The new NYC symbol for this word is Creet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Desirae Jefferson)

What else does creet mean?

  • Creet is a combination of gay and stalk. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paul Madden)
  • A name that is offensive, such as “dickhead”, “asshole”, or “fucker” It can also be substituted for curse words. (in Community Dictionary, added by Styliferous)
  • Creeeeety with an invisible c It is an amalgamation of cree and tc. The world holds a deep meaning. This meaning cannot be translated into English, but it can be attempted. This can be used as a way to describe someone who is strange or interesting and performs silly acts. They are often very strange and display alien characteristics. Creets often feel an aurora. You can’t describe it. People gravitate towards that person. They are rare in the south. Creets are known for their appetites and sudden surges of energy. Creets can sometimes be quite wild and even eat trees. All creets share a common trait: they move around. They will explode if they do. It would cause a 9.0 earthquake and be very dangerous. Some creets may have issues with weight, but many don’t. It was difficult to explain the creet and tree. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kirsten Davenport)
  • Having no judgment, concern for privacy, confidentiality or the feelings of another individual. DisCREET has been resurrected as CREET. It is an Old English word that is opposite to DisCREET. InDisCREET’s double negative replacement InDisCREET was destroyed because it was unnecessary long, redundant, and insignificant. (in Community Dictionary, added by Heather Warner)