Creeping Jesus means: The general term used to describe being under the weather due to a cold or flu. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valentin Conrad)

What else does Creeping Jesus mean?

  • Late night, I went downstairs to get sweets (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylah Beasley)
  • This is someone who is fawning. It’s still a little rough since Jesus was associated with creepiness. He hung out among lepers, but it isn’t creepy. Social suicide maybe… stalker. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brassage)
  • A slow driver. (in Community Dictionary, added by Timothy Anthony)
  • Ninja-like skills handed down by the Big J. These skills are not taught to Creeping Jesus. These skills are innately a part of their DNA. (in Community Dictionary, added by Feliciano Carmona)
  • This term was first used in Ireland as a description of a Catholic who makes a public display or religious faith just for fun. It is used to describe people who put on an impressive act in order to please others. These people are known for their sexy, goofy behavior, which includes giggling like goons, giving compliments and using cliches to get you fired. You’ll be the next to get fired if you work alongside one. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hadassah Cannon)