Creeker means: Short Creek is a place where a person lives or comes from. It is a term used to denote a Fundamentalist Mormonism member in the Colorado City Arizona-Hildale Utah region. It is also known as “The Crick” by locals. “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcelo Robertson)

What else does Creeker mean?

  • Person who lives or works near the boating area of Comptons creek, Belford, NJ. (in Community Dictionary, added by Krystal Lester)
  • In the Southern United States of America, it is used to mean a person who was inbred and whose parents were blood relatives. They are always extremely ignorant and dumb, almost as dumb as a person. They are quite strange physically, with their wide eyes and dark hair. This is due to inbred genetic defects. (in Community Dictionary, added by Victorino Ortega)
  • Cherry Creek High School is home to an amazing student. Creekers are often thought of as incredibly wealthy kids that get all they desire. However, it is false. It is not difficult to get almost everything you want. It’s funny to see other schools having creek days, and dressing in country club attire. Sorry we are so great at sports. We’re also sorry that we don’t always win. Be jealous. (in Community Dictionary, added by Godofredo Álvarez)
  • An obtuse brat who can get whatever they want. A Creeker can be found at the mall, spending daddies’ money, driving in their Lexus or throwing big parties at their multimillion-dollar estates. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brodie Harper)
  • Smart, beautiful and talented in all things. They also have a great sense of humor and ooze their creativity. They are hated by almost everyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shyanne Valentine)
  • Being more successful than others in all areas, including financial, intellectual, and social. Cherry Creek High School student who makes six-figures look like pocket money. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jessica Frederick)