Cream Team Commander means: A Cream Team Commander creams the ejaculates gently so that it doesn’t shootsquirt but rather prompts to burst out of the cockvagina. The cream team commanders have toe-curling fun and the most amazing orgasms. CTC Cream Team Commanders can often be heard or seen having sex, which leads often to a greater ability to achieve sexual stimulation and climax. CTC’s undergo a recruiting process as they have intercourse. The Cream Team is able to determine if they are compatible with their partners. They will choose to Cream after sex or Squirt. They may be admitted to the team if they are cream. The Cream Team’s mortal foes are The Squirt Squad. CTCs often indulge in the most raunchy sex due to boredom from generic sexual stimulation. After you reach this position, you will have experienced enough sex to have used most common positions and techniques found in the majority of places that it is considered “acceptable” for you to have sex. Extreme kinks are a common activity for CTC. This reveals techniques that are not available to the common man. CTC’s have it as a natural knowledge. This technique is called “The Forbidden Jutsu”. CTCs are not suitable for everyone. This status is only available to the top 0.001 percent of the population. Join us. (in Community Dictionary, added by Celia Ramos)