Crapple means: A disappointing apple can be almost inedible and could cause digestive issues. (in Community Dictionary, added by Petronila Serrano)

What else does Crapple mean?

  • Enjoy a shot of Crown Apple mixed with some cranberry. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ayden Durham)
  • Non-alcoholic beverage made with 34 cranberry juice and 12 orange juice. Then fill your glass with enough cranberry to cover it. Next, pour orange juice into the glass. Although the ‘Crapple” is an oven mistakingly mistaken for apple juice and cranberry juice, it’s a misspelling. (in Community Dictionary, added by Humberto Mcconnell)
  • Apple is a common name. (in Community Dictionary, added by Snicket)
  • An Apple computer is a term used by people who don’t like it because they aren’t good. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nathaly Randall)
  • The result of leaving a cut apple out for a long time is called ‘craple. A crapple can be described as a yellowish brown inside. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shayna Jensen)
  • Apple is known by the nickname iMac iCrap. He makes the iMac iCrap and iPod CrapPod. AppleTV CrappleTV, iPhone CrapPhone and iPad CrapPad. Crapple’s reputation for being able to charm people with their shiny cases and clever gimmicks is well-known. However, they are not known for other charming qualities. They often come with high prices. They are well-known for their computers being both very shiny and metaphorically. However, they lack software support and boast about features that no other computer has. In some instances, it may also refer to the iCrap. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ramiro Durham)