crapitalism means: Fast-and-dirty Uber-Profits for the filthy, stinking Rich – total crap for everyone else. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pranav Villanueva)

What else does crapitalism mean?

  • Political favors, force or positions are used to the advantage of a for profit business. However, it is called “free-market”. The concept of “mercantilism”, which was a form of capitalism in Colonial times where the strength of a company depended upon the power and influence of The Crown, is similar to that of “mercantilism”. Although “crapitalism”, is used in a demeaning way, it can be used to highlight the differences between free-market enterprises and those dependent on government support. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kyson Dougherty)
  • Unsustainable system under which Western “Democracies” live. They are using obsolete and unworkable energy supply methods, natural resource exploitation and manipulated-markets that use fiat currencies to pretend they’re free markets. The least productive members of society “make” the most money, while those who create wealth (known as working-poor) are given greater amounts of debt. Crapitalism is a system that rewards international banksters who extort large sums of money. Crapitalism’s education systems are expensive and prohibitive to maintain brain-dead middle class workers via their network of Kakistocracy. Without a network of well-connected and wealthy cronies, education is essentially ineffective and non-viable for entry to the labor market. While education is a right to passage for those who can afford it they don’t have the qualifications to be able to contribute to Capitalism. Crapitalistic views are maintained alive by a media monopoly that creates incredible propaganda to support this Zombie System. It only looks alive for the brain-dead Sheeple who are also robbed under a GFC they can’t recognise as a depression leading to Crapitalism’s eventual collapse and its own downfall. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rigescent)