Courtyard Kid means: The Courtyard Kid is a unique dark-clad individual, most likely a rocker or Rapper. However, they are often disliked, disregarded, or hated by the other students. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madeleine Winters)

What else does Courtyard Kid mean?

  • This is the most popular Lowell High School clique. These are all the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors of Lowell High School. Although the majority of those in this clique are White, many are Asian. The Courtyard is made up of members of San Francisco’s wealthy, student government members, well-dressed people and sports enthusiasts. Because they cover the whole courtyard, they are known as courtyard kids. The school’s rejected students are also found in the protected section of the courtyard. There are however some individuals that belong in the courtyard kids category instead of being rejecteds. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorenzo Nixon)
  • Student at High School who has been isolated and neglected from other students and forced to live in or near the courtyard. These students are different from the rest and don’t follow the mainstream fashion or enjoy their lives. These students are then made fun of by the pres and labeled losers for having fun, doing things their way, and even though they may not be accepted as such. Your reputation can be damaged by being around these “Courtyard Kids”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rebekah Trujillo)