Courtesy Wipe means: It’s a “courtesy wipe” when a man wipes down the toilet bowl before any dribble gets in the water. This is a courtesy wipe that I only know of gay men. They are to be praised. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylee Skinner)

What else does Courtesy Wipe mean?

  • You need to clean your antics mid-day. (in Community Dictionary, added by Typhoon)
  • A girl is a nut and your hair serves as a comb. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amber Bradshaw)
  • You can wipe a sh*t with a damp cloth. Although you know that it’s not necessary to clean, we recommend doing so once. This is a great idea before you go to any athletic event. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hailie Finley)
  • Someone who has to use the bathroom and clean their soiled genitals because it didn’t happen the first time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ace Hanson)
  • It is a process of wiping one’s own underarms because of the excessive sweat. This can often be accompanied with extreme urgency. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kai Hooper)
  • This is where one wipes their face for any reason. After they have used the toilet, and completed the normal bathroom routine. They go about their daily lives. They will return later to the toilet to clean up because they aren’t feeling clean, or just want to. You may need to wipe your eyes if you are feeling swollen or have a bad odor. If one is experiencing a bad fart or a shart, a courtesy wipe may be necessary. You can also use this option to wipe your genitals at any point in the day. (in Community Dictionary, added by Halle Fox)