Courtesy Tap means: You will reach the climax when a woman offers you oral sex. You should tap the lady on the shoulder just before the ejaculate. This will tell her to stop and you can pour your sex into a cup. If the woman doesn’t like the taste of ejaculate or the process, this is usually done. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sincere Doyle)

What else does Courtesy Tap mean?

  • Verb: An act of sexual sex after a expensive over-15 dinner where the host reciprocates from politeness. Both passive and active. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kirsten Todd)
  • This gesture is used to get your head in front of hers and jizz in their mouths. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mariana Galloway)
  • If a boy is attempting to touch a girl, he should tap her gently on her head before she reaches for her lips. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roger)