countach means: An Italian regional slang expression of admiration, amazement, surprise and/or appreciation that is often used when observing a stunningly beautiful feminalien. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ángel Sáez)

What else does countach mean?

  • In modern languages, it is sometimes spelled “coontosh”. This refers to an american woman who is aferican in her genetalia. (in Community Dictionary, added by Flink)
  • Adj. Amazing; amazing; incredible; outstanding; completely boss. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gloria Parrish)
  • An interjection that is grammatically derived from Piedmontese, a dialect or language native to northern Italy, and in particular the Province of Piedmont. This word is often used as a benign exclamation and marked in English with an exclamation point. Piemontese is not a literal translation of Piemontese. It is simply an exletive that conveys a feeling of wonder or startled astonishment, occasionally with a hint of concern. The word is also free from any derogatory, complimentary or negative connotations. It was 1971 that the Lamborghini Motor Show introduced the prototype Lamborghini-Countach, an Italian car manufacturer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mylee Sweeney)
  • A tuft of hair that is above the meat curtains. This creates the appearance of a mustache in the vagina. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aresio Velasco)
  • Lamborghini’s long-standing supercar. The Classic, QV, and 25th Anniversary editions are available. This design was inspired by the “wedge” shape. The Diablo has rendered it inferior. (in Community Dictionary, added by HighdevDoozy)