Cougared means: Red Dead Redemption: The act of being PWNED in the face by a large feline predator. Once it has landed its first surprise attack and knocked you down, the cougar will not be able to stop it. It may even decide to strike you again before you are able to get up to use first aid supplies. It is easy to get coddled. You only need to travel anywhere in Red Dead Redemption, and the cougar will be there. You will be followed by one. If you do manage to capture it, you can rest assured that the next cougar or six is watching you. Cougars can be very real. They will locate you And your spouse, your children, your dad, your stepfather, your little girl, your bitch and pimp. (in Community Dictionary, added by Juliana Preston)

What else does Cougared mean?

  • A female of at least 10 years old is trained in sexuality. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hildegarda Carmona)
  • A cougar will lure you, jump on you or make you feel like a fool. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ignacio Santana)
  • Red Dead Redemption cougars will viciously kill you due to their super fast and cheap shot kill double strike technique. (in Community Dictionary, added by Renato Vicente)