Cougar means: A guy younger than a girl can be romantically attractive to a girl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anderson Velazquez)

What else does Cougar mean?

  • An older woman will seek out a younger man, and then it’ll pounce on him. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matthew Roberts)
  • A 40-year-old woman is in her prime sexually. She’s emotionally matured, more energetic, and healthier than she was when she was younger. A younger man can play with, date or marry her. Because of her strength, presence, knowledge and ability to manage ego and cultivate self, Cougars are more attractive and sexier to young men who don’t enjoy games or want to have children. They also tend to be deeper than average under-40 male. Their deeper appeal is what draws Cougars. They aren’t driven by hormone imbalances, which can cause jealousy and competition, and they don’t have the tendency to do other bad things that women younger than 40. Cougars are being influenced by shallow men and hormonally-affected women who can’t deal with a Cougar. These people have negative views, but they don’t belong in the Cougar Power reality. Under-dressed women aged 40 and over who sleaze at bars “hunting down” young men cannot be considered Cougars. These women sleaze around in bare-chested clothes before becoming mature and they will continue doing so. Native medicine considers the Cougar a powerful animal. Cougars are powerful women who don’t like men with old views about womensexpolitics and other issues. The Cougar feels more at ease with younger women than older men. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kailee Lane)
  • A “younger” woman with experience who finds herself in an intimate relationship, whether it is with a younger man or not. Although she isn’t necessarily a slut or desperate, she is not necessarily an immature woman. She is open to learning new things and offers her sexual expertise. She just wants to have some fun. She may look older than her “hookup”, even though she is more mature. Her attractiveness and confidence are a plus. She just wants to enjoy life. She won’t try to force her partner into marriage or children, nor will she attempt to make an exclusive partnership. Drama and games are not her interests as they would disrupt the enjoyment she gets. (in Community Dictionary, added by David Carmona)
  • Also see hunt, prowl corner, pounce. Noun. A 35+ year old female who is on the “hunt” for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male. A cougar is often seen wearing a bra with a visible cleavage, and propped against a fancy bar in San Francisco. The cougar is looking for his number one prey. (in Community Dictionary, added by ShackelAloof)
  • A woman of older age who goes to clubs for the chance to meet a younger man. A cougar could be anything, from a sexy, aging victim of wind tunnel, to a sad, bloated, old-fashioned horn-meister to a hottie, or milf. Young men are increasingly attracted to cougars, particularly those who have a real passion for women. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jacob Carmona)
  • Large, powerful wild cat (Puma concolor syn. Felis concolor It is found in mountainous areas of America, and has a naturally unmarked tawny physique with a long tail. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A woman over 30 who romances with or attracted younger men. (in AZ Dictionary)