Couch Dwellers means: TheaterMusicKids, those who do not shower, are housed in Grand View University’s student center on the couches. These are the Trends of the Stereotypical Couch-Dweller General Dirty LookLacking Hygiene Style: Horrible haircuts -Have no social cues and/or verbal filter Talk about Sexual Things Continuously -Enjoy Quoting Horrible Movies Participate in clubs that encourage diversity and inclusion, but are judgmental and uninclusionary The men who live in the city enjoy using vulgar language against women and putting them down. GVU Students Center Couch Area: At least 1 Night. -Enjoy DD, Role Playing Video Games and most likely are involved in L.A.I.R.E. See the movie Role Models The Dwellers call themselves “The Circle”. Walk within 20 feet of dwellers to hear the curse and sexual slang you’ll hear If you are in the Dweller’s area, they will attempt to seduce your soul. Beware of curses they may cast on your body and foul-smelling odors they might send your way For centuries scientists have debated the origins of couch-dwellers. However, the vast majority agree they were born in a High School Band Room. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kimberly Henry)