cornball means: Cornball is not to be confused. A lesser-known sport, Cornball, is played by between 100 and 200 people. Cornball involves dropping your fat nutsack in a pan of boiling water. It may be difficult to understand why. It is quite simple. You can cook delicious corn on the cob by “throwing that bitch” into hot, bubbling water. CornBall is thus the name of this sport. It is one of the most hazardous sports on the planet, so it’s not something I recommend unless you are “balls-of-steel”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Winston Braun)

What else does cornball mean?

  • Cornball assnigga refers to a nigga who does cornball shit. He says dumb shit, wears dumb shit, does dumb shit, looks like a dumb shit. Except for a small kernel family, he doesn’t have much to offer. He might even let you touch his feet and then allow you to smell his hands. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tadeo Montero)
  • Originated from corny: A cornball refers to a person who is corny. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finnegan Ali)
  • An eccentric person who is a bit out of control, someone who believes they are cool. (in Community Dictionary, added by Heather Hurley)
  • Adj. Adj. (in Community Dictionary, added by Furphy)
  • A person who acts in an uncoordinated or mawkish manner. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Corny or mawkish; unsophisticated. (in AZ Dictionary)