cool bananas means: A affirmation that the statement was made. It can be anything from “that’s great” to “that is fine”. The term is used almost exclusively by youth pastors, and other hip and trendy christian role-models. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matías Díez)

What else does cool bananas mean?

  • Cool bananas, a term that is scottish-in-origion is a expression. It is thought to have been coined by a student in the County of Angus in east scotland. It is an old term, but it has become increasingly common. This is the opposite of rotten bananas, which refers to something that is terrible. (in Community Dictionary, added by Consuelo Vargas)
  • This is a phrase that expresses your approval of a person’s suggested course of action. Simon Lambert, a 6th Floor student at South Australian Institiute of Technology’s Playford Builidng in 1984, first used the phrase. Simon replied with “Cool Bananas”, after one Malaysian student hacked into University’s computer. This changed the year’s assignment results to the correct answers, saving Simon hours trying to calculate an R-squared of more than 98.9. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camryn Stanley)
  • An expression that indicates agreement, enthusiasm, or affirmation. It was probably first spoken in St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Kansas City in the Midwest USA. It was first used in the 1970s by DJs on radio stations and became popular among high school and junior high girls. Because it was invented before the internet, radio and TV were used to spread it. It is occasionally heard in America and Anglophone Common Wealth. It isn’t a very common expression, but it’s often understood because it uses the well-known adjectival “cool”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pancracio Gutiérrez)
  • The expression “Cool Bananas” can be used to express appreciation or endorsement, as well as enthusiasm. Similar to cool beans and awesome Etymology. This term may have originated in Australia during the 1990’s. It was loosely inspired by a TV commercial featuring an Australian auto reseller, whose slogan was “Cool Banana Motorama”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ramon Mcneil)
  • A different phrase than saying “Everything is fine” would be to say, It can also be used to confirm. It can be used to acknowledge or express an opinion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Phillip Herring)
  • It is used to express admiration, congratulations, or agreement. This expression conveys an enthusiastic appreciation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hassan Preston)