converse means: Use of a -verb without an object 1. To talk to another person or group; discuss views and opinions by speaking. 2. Archaic. To maintain a close association, it is common for. By with. 3. Obsolete. To have sexual intercourse, usually fol. By with. -noun 4. common discourse or talk; conversation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaden Snyder)

What else does converse mean?

  • This is how basketball was made when it first appeared. They are the original basketball shoes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Litzy Curtis)
  • These shoes are now very popular, especially in rubber and canvas. Many colors and styles are available. Fakes are now available for as little as 5 percent of their original price. People often alter the laces, add beads and put things on rubber parts. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tania Kane)
  • Converse is often referred to as Chuck Taylors, chucks, or converse. These shoes are the most common style of converse shoe. My dad loves to share the fascinating stories about how they were worn when he was a high school basketball player. He often uses visual aids such as a high school basketball team photo where every member is wearing that shoe to show his point. Yes, very cool dad. He then regales us about how he used to have a pair of shoes in each wall color, and that they cost only ten dollars Yellowfront an ancient sporting goods shop. It was all very interesting. These shoes can be worn by many people today, though I will not attempt to list all “categories”. It’s a major pain in the arse to classify. Don’t care what anybody says about your shoes. Wear it if you love it. This should be your only reason for doing anything. No matter if someone tells you it’s cool to wear them, or if they say you don’t have the right, tell them that they are stupid. Or just walk away and ignore them. This is often a better option. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marina Hart)
  • They used to be kool, but now they’re LYKE SOOO TRENDY111111. But you can see that i am being TRENDY by calling them TRENDY11111 LOLZ KTHXBYE Don’t fuck with. Converse shoes are incredible, and will always be. You should immediately be fired if you stop wearing shoes from a particular brand because your “preps”. Converse canvas shoes were very popular back in 1980. They have been gaining popularity again in recent years. They come in a variety of styles and colors, including high-top or low top. They can be personalized by adding your shoelaces or permanent marker to make them unique. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiera Montgomery)