Contard means: Convinced, or misled in any way. A person who deliberately ignores the larger picture of world, which would cover areas such as economics and science. A person who uses slang like libtard but hasn’t taken the time and looked up conservative or liberal words. A person who accepts American religious freedom as long as the religion is similar to theirs. An individual who is done with their studies after reading the second amendment to the Constitution. A person who thinks that English is the only language in America. One who trades with Walmart and Harbor Freight, then blames China to have lost American jobs. An individual who holds that the earth’s resources are being drained, which includes clean water and stored carbon. A person who doesn’t believe that they have been influenced by America’s history or culture of segregation and bigotry. However, they may be able to fill in the gap of the schoolyard rhyme “Eeny meany miney” by their feet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ramiro Durham)