Conor means: A great irish name. It is a nickname that means “lover among houndswolves”. This name is very masculine. Conors are strong and fit. Conors are funny and very sensitive. Conor doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind. Sometimes a bit sour, but always sweet. Conor could stay awake all night to look at your face. Conors are irritated when your name is misspelled. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evelyn Mooney)

What else does Conor mean?

  • Since 1987, Conor has been the only name that was voted as the most awesome and sexiest every year by the ONA Official Naming Association. Conor and others named Conor have been living up to that title. Time and again, they have proved to be incredibly attractive, intelligent, and funny. According to David W. Martin’s recent research, any person who doesn’t agree is actually mentally disabled. The main areas of neurological impairment are those involved in awesome, not just being a bitch. Conors are very fortunate to be friends or acquaintances. Conors have a very high intelligence level and find it difficult to handle menial tasks due to their lack of intellectual stimulation. To not take from others, they will aim to achieve slightly higher marks than the average. A Conor refers to a person being called a Conor. Conor is something that all women want, although most of them prefer to be in sexual frustration rather than to admit it and take the ride on Conor’s love train. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thomas Harding)
  • A kind-hearted person. Gentleman. He knows how to treat women. Talks to you until his bus gets there. He is also strong, athletic and very proficient in mechanics. Persistence. Passionate. Honorable. He doesn’t enjoy hurting anyone, especially those he loves. Conor feels he’s found the girl he loves and knows they are the best team for his life. Together, they will overcome all life’s challenges. She wants her to be happy and well. He will also think highly of you, and think that you are perfect. Conor hates when you disagree with him. He’ll stay with you until it is figured out. He has probably tried to get you to see it. He’s right. Conor is right almost all the time, especially with that stuff. Conor doesn’t like slow responses and being ignored. Because you’ve just lost an important part of your life, it is obvious that Conor has messed up. Conors are known for finding the sleds when they’re in stress situations. They don’t always make good decisions, and end up regretting them every minute of their lives. Conors can be hard on theirself, especially when it comes to sports. Conor’s are also very critical of their appearance. They think they’re ugly and fuck. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amani Ray)
  • The beast of all things It’s really quite funny. (in Community Dictionary, added by Danica Bruce)
  • Charming, intelligent gentleman. Overall, they are very attractive. (in Community Dictionary, added by Declan Foster)
  • A man who’s the best. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ceferino Santiago)