Congraduation means: 1. Graduations with Affinity 2. This is the highest degree of appreciation for graduates. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chasity Petty)

What else does Congraduation mean?

  • An abbreviation of “Congradulations for your graduation” 2. The act of being surrounded by well-wishers during a graduation party. (in Community Dictionary, added by Biddery)
  • It’s easier to say “Congratulations” or “Graduation” together. Congraduations sounds so much better than congratulations on your graduation. (in Community Dictionary, added by SnapledJiggle)
  • 1. When I asked them to put ‘Congratulations’ on the cake, my ghetto Food Lion wrote it. They’re not retarded, and it was for no graduation. They could at least have added an “s” at the end. Seriously. 2. It’s a pretty awesome word, if you really think about it. It takes a lot of effort to say “Congratulations” on graduation. Fortunately, “Congraduations” is an easy way to save time. (in Community Dictionary, added by Diana Dennis)