ConeLife means: One or more cones are placed inside a truck’s bed. A fraternity brother from the University of Florida started it as a warning about slippery floors or wet floors. This was due to the many women that he had sex with in his pickup’s bed. This is a common sign for both blue-collared people and straight men, who also have fornicated in their pickup beds. All across the country (in Community Dictionary, added by Branden Valentine)

What else does ConeLife mean?

  • This term is used by the LGBTQ4x4 community. A traffic cone is often placed in their truck’s bed to identify them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Frogman)
  • 1. Put a cone onto your truck’s roof. If it falls, you lose everyone. If you need to know, 2 Conelife (in Community Dictionary, added by Bryson Richard)