Comp Stomp means: A technical term in the field of photography. Comp Stomp is when someone’s visual and artistic abilities cause them to ….well copy the photo composition completely by aligning themselves so closely to you that they can sense their heat. Comp Stompers with a passion for photography get extra points. They dry hump your legs while you take a picture, then massage your back with their tripod and create condensation from the air they inhale so closely. Hall of Fame Comp Stompers are likely to be completely confused when you complain that they’re a bit too close for your comfort. Then, when you don’t look, inch their equipment closer. The Photoshop workshops are always crowded with Hall of Fame Comp Stompers. Although a Comp Stomper can find their own location for photos, why not copy someone who has better equipment? (in Community Dictionary, added by Naima Gordon)

What else does Comp Stomp mean?

  • This is a type of RTS game where humans play against AI at equal difficulty levels. The AI is often more difficult than the human opponent due to its ability to attack early and know exactly what it should do. Unfortunately, some RTS players will compulsively play easy games to increase their win-loss records and look better. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maritza Chaney)
  • A type of game in RTS where real players compete against computer-controlled opponents. This involves playing as many allied players against one enemy computer, because it is easier to defeat a computer when you are outnumbered. These games are plagued by BackStabbers, which will attack players from all sides with huge forces. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaden Stuart)