Colors means: It is not clear how many I will need to do this. This is not right for you I feel regret constantly Like i cannot forgive myself You will be dragged into my mess We are all the same to one another. It all started in your memory If I wasn’t going, would you still have wanted to stay back? Even more so after learning everything I know about myself Certain timings are wrong The old me is gone. People who radiate happy vibes My world has turned grey I am sorry to have you as a part my grey world. I’m trying to paint it with what little remains You have been pouring all over me with colors. I want to bring them back. I’m afraid I don’t have enough color Unfortunately, I will not have the time or money to purchase all of these colors. Im scared It’s not what I want to do. It’s simple to put it that way Make the most of what you have The back of your mind hears only the ticking clock. I see time, I see life You see me, I see colors I want you, i want colors You should have more colors. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erico Jiménez)