cold lotion means: Cold lotion is a lotion that you keep in the refrigerator to make sure it stays cold. It soothes dry masturbation by soothing the pain. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dean Moses)

What else does cold lotion mean?

  • This was created by Bill Burr, comedian and girlfriend Nia Hill (aka “Lovely Nia”) and shared via Monday Morning Podcast with thousands of his fans. A situation where something is supposed to be great but turns out to be bad. This expression was created when Bill tried to give Nia an excellent back massage but forgot to rub his hands with the lotion to warm it up. Nia became shocked at the cold, freckled sensation of his hands against her skin. This should be described as an African American pimp stereotype, from the 1970s. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lillian Hodge)