Clownies means: These people are an amalgamation of Clubbers Cl+ ownies and Townies Cl+. They are generally unintelligent and unambitious. This is especially bad since they spend very little time sober. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kendrick Walter)

What else does Clownies mean?

  • Also called Ratkids. A small number of people who dress up in an unfavorable manner that resembles a clown. These people take the unique qualities of other people and make them theirs. They claim to be “scene children” but that only proves they steal other people’s identities and scenes. They are easy to identify These animals often gather around clock towers, parks and shopping malls to harass the good-looking families. Cheap hair dyes, cheap cider and cheap cigarettes are all they love. These people also invade social media sites like myspace, Facebook and Bebo using clever names. Some of them include rhymes or aliteration. Others are simply stupid. ChloeCalamatyCLOHOEChloeChaos. The specimen changed her name several times to make it more ridiculous. SamiSabotage DropDeadDez KimmyCakes JoshMosh AlexAnonymous. This list could go on. (in Community Dictionary, added by Terrance Rodgers)