Civic Partnership means: An obscure expression that refers to lazy men, who try to avoid any work unless it has to do with Honda Civic. All day tasks can be made to seem like huge problems and celebrated with cannabis joints. But, it is possible to achieve your goals by working on the Civic mobile. People in Civic Partnerships often suffer from malnutrition. This is because they cannot afford proper nutrition due to high running costs. To ensure the vehicle does not have low octane or low down power, premium grade fuel can often be purchased using different financial methods. Compulsive behavior in civic partnership can lead to a lack of personal hygiene. The user may not have enough time to clean, wash, or eat well because car maintenance is a part of their daily lives. A person suffering from Civic Partnership may be seen sitting in a car for as long as 15 minutes after the journey ends. Before the carriage can be taken out, it is necessary to make sure everything is working properly. All dials and switches must be returned to their original positions. Any crumbs should also be removed from the wing mirrors. The person suffering the condition is very hostile to being challenged. Please be cautious when approaching them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thalia Callahan)