circle jerk means: Masturbating is a group of men standing together in a circular formation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devyn Estes)

What else does circle jerk mean?

  • It is a lot of work, but not much. (in Community Dictionary, added by Joyce Stein)
  • A circle of men is formed and the guys to their left whack the other guy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Heriberto Prieto)
  • It is the act of sharing your opinion on a topic in a forum with others who have clearly the same opinions as you. This gives you upvotes for that opinion and allows you to gather downvotes from those who disagree. (in Community Dictionary, added by FunnyfrencArrant)
  • 1. Group masturbation: Usually males sitting in circles, jerking each other or themselves. 2 An initiation ceremony or hazing for fraternity where the lights are switched off. It’s called a “circle jerk” by the pledges or plege. In the dark, the actives make a sound like they are jerking away as they pound their fists. The lights suddenly turn on and only the pledge or pledges remain in the circle. 3. A meeting or discussion that is void of value and involves mental masturbation, where the boring, egotistical participants attempt to prove they are the most intelligent people in the room. (in Community Dictionary, added by Calvities)
  • Masturbation parties can include either men or women. The party is usually a circular affair where everyone sits together and then jacks off with the other members. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kimora Obrien)
  • 1. A group of men sits in a circle and jerk each other. 2. A group of men standing in a circle should not be allowed to grab a cookie, or any other type of food. This retarded frat game, called “Limp Biscuit “…” indirectly explains the reason why this band has the same nameake. 3. A group of snobs, usually politicians, get together to have a discussion. However, they often end up disagreeing to the point that redundancy. They then stroke each others egos like extensions of their genitals, or the mastubatory Insinuation. It’s basically what happens to a choir that preaches to its members. 4. MXC’s sumo wrestling game. The Green Teabagger is a danger. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mariyah Rice)