Circe means: This blog is the authoritative source of information about poverty, chickens and despondency. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gavin Dawson)

What else does Circe mean?

  • 1. A witchy woman, or a high priestess. 2. Beautiful, mysterious woman with a wealth of experience in many colors. 3. She is an accomplished woman, who knows everything and is as adept at revealing secrets than anyone. Although she can be tolerant of any fools, her inclination is to take charge since she has always been the best qualified. 4. Beautiful, but pouty sorceress, who hates being rejected. But she is open to accepting it. Don’t piss off her, though, as she may turn you into an ugly pig. 5. The Famous Nymph Who Killed All of Odysseus’ Men and Tried to Seduce Him into Staying With Her Forever implied that she could also make him immortal. He declined. He refused. He even got a boat. He declined politely. (in Community Dictionary, added by Augusto Ferrer)