Chumscrubber means: The Chumscrubber helps friends clean up after making a mess. The Chumscrubbers clean up after their friend makes a mess. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brady May)

What else does Chumscrubber mean?

  • 1. Parents: The Chumscrubber represents everything teens and parents should not be discussing – it is the physical manifestation of all that we don’t want to deal with and everything that can cause pain or discomfort. 2. For teenagers: A Chumscrubber can be described as a hero or survivor who comes into the real world with his/her friends to keep them clean. The Chumscrubber fights to preserve authenticity despite all odds. The Chumscrubber is the one who makes sense of the chaos and tries to make everyone happy. It is possible to achieve this in seemingly small moments. Just one or two words and a glance, followed by a well-timed, measured sigh. Because the Chumscrubber makes the parent feel depressed, the thought of their child more attuned with the world than an adult is something they don’t like to consider. Parents are those who are supposed to solve problems and save the world. They ignore what they cannot do. It is bliss to be ignorant, but bliss is ignorance. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kevin Willis)