Chumbolone means: Chumbolone Pronounced: chum-buh-LOAN. 1. Person who has a lot of poor judgment or is very stupid. 2. Chicago resident who is willing to accept endless tax hikes and corruption. Chumbolonerygeneral and Chumbolonedpast are other uses. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stylobate)

What else does Chumbolone mean?

  • John Kass, Chicago newspaper columnist was first to hear the phrase in evidence from Anthony Doyle (mob messenger boy) during his 2007 trial. Doyle was working as a mob agent and got himself a job in the Chicago Police Department’s evidence section to destroy or remove DNA evidence. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dominique Bishop)
  • Noun. Pronounced: “chum’-buh-loan” One term that was originally used in the Chicago region to refer to a person who can easily be tricked into acting against their personal interests; two, since 2008, it has been also applied outside of Chicago to any person with similar lack of sound judgement; three, a person without common sense who can be controlled in many ways and not have the slightest idea of how stupid or ignorant they might be. Applicable: This was originally applied to lower-educated Caucasians with less intelligence, who believe what government officials or the media say. However, since 2008, it has been extended to all intelligent Caucasians, all races and all genders, who have no street smarts and are completely devoid of any government or media evidence. Synonym: chump, dupe, stooge, imbecile, sucker, idiot, hick, hayseed, moron, roundhead, ignoramus, dumb-ass, dip shit. Antonym: urban street-wise denizen, intelligent well-versed voter. (in Community Dictionary, added by Menagerie)