Chox means: The mythical creature is a mix of a Fox, a Chicken and has the ability to kill gods. They are lazy, mean and often cannot spell properly, despite their power. They are sometimes called a sin agenst gods. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaydon Costa)

What else does Chox mean?

  • 1. A person who eats whatever is in his path. 2. Neglecting to eat. 3. The name of the dance performed by overweight people. See choxdance. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Chapman)
  • 1. Something 2. A woman When referring to women, this term can be used disguised. It can be used to conceal almost any word. Michigan’s Nigerian-Americans invented the word Chox. You can use it as a synonym of “something”, or “anything”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Susan Caldwell)
  • 1 To offer cunnilingus but only for your personal benefit. The act of masturbation is used in this way. 2. A term that is used to make fun of someone who is under extreme duress. 3. To intentionally fart on somebody or something. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hagioscope)
  • A train’s sound plus X adjective, Sweet. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bernabé Aguilar)