chomu means: FATFUCK BITCH AS NIGGA. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicolás Ferrer)

What else does chomu mean?

  • Chomu is not a term for “an intellectually challenged person” or Chya. This word comes from Hindi caumuNh=cau+muNh. Cau is for Four, and muNh refers to Face or Mouth. Also, caumuNh can be translated as Surrounding all faces or directions. Around 30 kilometers North of Jaipur City is the fortified Palace ChomugadhcaumuNgrh. To protect the palace from enemies, thick walls surround it. From “Chomugadh”, the name “Chomu” was born. That’s the end of it. People misunderstood this name to be a derogatory comment. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aliya Werner)
  • N. ‘cho’-moo Chomu can appear to be someone without much intelligence. Parachute hairoil can also be used to make their hair look more slender. You may find them tucking their shirt into their shorts. There are a few chomus who are disguised to look like normal people, but their intellectual functions can be reduced to everyday chomu. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sarai Rubio)
  • A person with intellectual disabilities, who is unable to take logical or common sense decisions. As explained in another article A person who exists solely for the purpose of ruining the best aspects of others’ lives through subintellectual activities. This is a common noun that has deep indian roots. It’s used affectionately by friends to chastise their coworkers. It is very similar to CHUTIYA, but it has more cultural and sexual connotations. (in Community Dictionary, added by Matthias Wiley)